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Culinary Photography at Indian Restaurants in New York City

On Location: Jackson Heights, Queens

Here is a special treat: In this special Indian Culinary Photography Walking Safari in Queens New York’s’ “Little India”, learn first-hand AND photograph the fragrant spices, fruits, vegetables and other ingredients that make Indian cooking unique.

  • Date(s): Saturday, April 16, May 21, June 16, July 16, August 20, September 17, 2011

  • Time: 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

  • Tour cost: $150.00/person fee includes 4 hours of photography instruction, culinary guidance, a full sit-down lunch and soft drinks.

  • By Subrato Bhattacharya
  • Roosevelt Avenue and 74th Street in Jackson Heights, Queens is the commercial hub of a large and vibrant Indian community. Indeed, a walk through this colorful and bustling neighborhood is not unlike a stroll through the crowded “Chadni-Chowk” district in Old Delhi. Your Safari will explore Queens’ “Little India”, for Indian cooking, the exotic food markets that amaze the eye and palate, shops that sell glistening gold jewelry and multihued saris, and the myriad restaurants that offer authentic tastes of India.

    What makes this Photo Safari unique is that an Indian culinary expert who is also a professional travel photographer, Indian by birth, leads it. His name is Subrato Bhattacharya and he has led many photographic instructional tours in India and in the USA. Subrato will demonstrate techniques for low-light shooting inside restaurants and a local food market to capture the incredible colors of Indian food in your camera.  The aroma, and the tastes you will capture with your nose and palate!

    Bring a good appetite and your camera. Any camera will do, but adjustable cameras are recommended for low-light shooting. SLR owners should consider bringing a 50mm F1.4 or a 35 mm F 1.8 lens for low-light shooting without flash. Tabletop tripods or gorilla-pods are also a good option.

  • This Photo Safari starts promptly at 11:00am and will be cancelled only in case of severely inclement weather.

  • The tour ends with lunch.

  • Tour: Limited to 12 people (Register early, this is a popular Safari!)

Note: Proceeds (fee) will go directly towards helping the white-clad widows, the forbidden “out-caste” and the untouchable eunuchs, shunned as members of the “third sex” by the Indian society. All collected money will be donated to a non-profit organization consisting of volunteers interested in dedicating their expertise and time to fight a wide variety of social injustices in India.