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Photography In New York: New York at Twilight

The Magic Of Night Photography - On Location: Manhattan Skyline

Explore the mysterious and magical world of Night Photography. We'll be shooting lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. So come on, take a shot in the dark and learn and practice the techniques that will take the mystery out of Night Photography.
  • Date(s): Saturday, April 23, May 28, June 25, July 23, August 27, September 24, 2016

  • Time: 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM (program may run longer than scheduled due to summer sunset time)

  • Safari cost: $ 150.00

  • By Subrato Bhattacharya, Travel Photographer
  • Safari/Workshop: After dark: Cities and buildings take on a completely different look and the images will add an extra dimension to your collection. The best time to photograph is around 10 or 20 minutes after sunset. By then the incandescent lighting provided by interior, spot and streetlights will be the dominant light source, but there’ll still be some light and color in the sky. When it’s completely dark, concentrate on filling the frame with well-lit subjects and avoid large areas of unlit space. Night photography requires a tripod and cable release, as exposures are generally long. To record detail, overexpose by one or two stops – otherwise the only thing that will come out will be the light themselves. As with all difficult lighting situations bracketing is recommended. Students may work in digital media or film (black-and-white or color). All formats are welcome.

  • Starts promptly at 2:00pm and will be cancelled only in case of severely inclement weather. Meet at 1 Water Street / Brooklyn waterfront (Pier 12) (outside of River Café between West Cadman Plaza & Brooklyn Bridge); Nearby Subway Stops. A, C at High St.; take the Subway: A, C on 8th avenue to High Street in Brooklyn and then walk down the hill to Old Fulton street and walk towards the water (east river), Brooklyn, New York City. The safari / workshop ends at Brooklyn waterfront (Pier 12).  

  • Safari: Limited to 12 people

  • The safari / workshop ends at Brooklyn waterfront (Pier 12).  

Note: Proceeds (fee) will go directly towards helping the white-clad widows, the forbidden “out-caste” and the untouchable eunuchs, shunned as members of the “third sex” by the Indian society. All collected money will be donated to a non-profit organization consisting of volunteers interested in dedicating their expertise and time to fight a wide variety of social injustices in India.